In November 2016 we were commissioned by DREINULL agency to create an installation for Audi City Berlin in collaboration with tape art collective Klebebande. Panoramic glass windows of Audi City overlooking Kurfürstendamm became a projected surface for a month during the Xmas time.
Seeking inspiration in Audi signature LED headlights and multifaceted design, we created an installation on a showroom window by combining tape art and projection mapping.
The outlines recall Audi headlights LED strips and low-polygonal iceberg at the same time.
Initial concept art
Initial concept art

Creative Producer Denis Astakhov
Project Manager Nelly Astakhova
Motion Design Alexey Churochkin

Tape Art Klebebande
Event Management DREINULL
Technical Support Geier-Tronic

Aftermovie Filming & Editing
Jendrik Schröder
Chris Siegel
Anton Arkhipov

Aftermovie Sound